Blog post about the Wordfast Training for the Delaware Valley Translators Association on May 17

Alexis Rhyner - Mellow Translations

“This [Wordfast Pro] training has been one of the most valuable investments in my career and I am positive that it will be greatly beneficial to my professional life for the remainder of my working years. I highly recommend it to everyone, even translators who have not yet invested in Wordfast. Wordfast is by far the superior CAT tool in today’s market. Attend this training as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed.”

Nicholas Lynn - Financial Translator, New York

“Just want to let you know that my investments in Wordfast and you were the best ones I’ve ever made! My busy season has been going incredibly well, and I appreciate all of your help. The only thing I would add is that the payback period on my investment (software plus training, including very reasonably priced three hours of private lesson) was less than two days. Since then, it’s been day after day of less tedium and more money. Why didn’t I do this years ago?!”

Anne Chemali - Translation Agency Owner & Translator, Virginia Beach

“I came back home and now I can use Wordfast in production. I am so happy :-) This was my best [ATA] conference investment!!! I truly enjoyed your passion for this product and deep knowledge. Way to go! See you next year at level 2.”


Noemi Caldas - Translator, France

“As a free-lance translator, I had long been on the look-out for a Mac-compatible translation software so Wordfast was the obvious solution. I started working with Wordfast Pro right after a great one-day training session with John and I’m absolutely delighted with the speed at which it enables me to work – 3 hours for a monthly report that usually takes me up to 2 days, only 3 days for a PowerPoint document that would normally have required a good week’s work! Also, the technical support at Wordfast are brilliant, readily available to respond to any questions.”

Karen T. - Translator

“Very relaxed and fun way about teaching the course. Very open to questions and suggestions. Great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Mona H. - Translator, Sydney

“It was a great training session.  Lots of learning and lots of fun... what we covered today was fantastic. I learned heaps and discovered some amazing features. Thank you so much John and thank you my Sydney colleagues! Can’t wait for the next session!”

Teresa V. - Translator, France

“I really enjoyed the training course and I am so glad I finally decided to do it in person after beating my head against the rock hard manual for a couple of years making very little progress and getting increasingly frustrated.”

Kristin G. - In-house translator, London

“Thanks so much again for your very informative, personal training session, which covered both Wordfast Pro and Anywhere, so I feel quite privileged and learned a lot, even if I could have ask a dozen more questions :) Thanks also for kindly offering your support for questions on the workflow etc.”

Anna F. - Translator, France

“I really enjoyed John’s training. I already knew the basics of Wordfast, but I came away from the session with a better understanding of TM management, alignment, VLTM, etc. I’m already looking forward to the next session...”

Nathalie - Translator, France

“Thank you John! As a newly set-up freelancer, I was looking forward to learning the basics. This course completely met my expectations. It was nice to meet some colleagues and I hope to see everyone again soon.”

Sheila W. - Translator, France

“I came home, downloaded Wordfast and have already successfully used it for a ‘real’ translation. Thanks very much for updating my skills with such patience, John.”

Mary M. - Translator, France

“I thought it was excellent - John is a very good teacher and explains things very well. I had never used Wordfast before and it will certainly help me save time and money in the future... I highly recommend it - have fun!”

Valérie - Translator, France

“An excellent course, well explained and lively. John went through all the basics of Wordfast step by step and logically, which made it very easy to follow even for complete beginners like myself. He even went a bit further by giving us lots of useful tricks and shortcuts to enable us to understand the core of Wordfast’s many functionalities and the ones that are most used and useful. I have since used Wordfast for all my translations and do not know how I did before without it !! Thank you John, you are a great teacher and I appreciated the way you taught us how to tame Wordfast! Looking forward to an intermediate/advanced session...”

Anonymous, Training Evaluation - Translator, France

“Everything was perfect. I am looking forward to the next training. This training was excellent and the teacher was very patient and cared about conveying his message to the audience. I would definitely recommend this training to other colleagues. Encore merci.”

Ruth - Translator, France

“Very interesting, useful training with practical exercises and hands-on learning. The pace was perfect for everyone, John adapted his approach to all participants but maintained a steady rhythm throughout. Thanks!”

Anonymous, Training Evaluation - Translator, France

“EXCELLENT QUALITY of on-site training - very good trainer. On-site training is a must for learning how to use this kind of software. Thanks again! This training will allow me to save time (and money). Thanks.”

Clay - Translator, Nice

“Thanks for this added bit that helps us put things into a very focused perspective. I’d like to thank you, yes congratulate you on your performance yesterday. Your capacity to come down to our level and explain things in such way that we could understand truly made the training as enjoyable as it was beneficial. It was indeed the finest training that I’ve had over many years.  Adapted to our needs and level.  Bravo! The only thing lacking? Three more days of the same!”

Jack - In-house Translator, Paris

“Extremely interesting introduction to this very powerful tool. Also many Word advanced user tips. It was also a pleasure meeting Wordfast’s developer Yves Champollion over lunch!”

Claudia - Translator

“Interesting and quite complete training session of two full days, with some amazing discoveries, such as Intelliwebsearch... I recommend this training, in particular for people who already use wordfast regularly and want to improve their practice. I want to congratulate all the Wordfast team for their clever and really user-friendly product. It’s more than a product, it’s a working companion. Thank you.”

Maja - Translator for the Macedonian Ministry of Finance

“Excellent training, it included a lot of details and useful information. It was a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge in WF and other software. An additional day would have been a plus.”

Zana - Translator for the Macedonian Ministry of Finance

“The training was great a great opportunity to learn more about WF. It was really helpful, details were covered, lot of issues are much clear to me now...”

Dianne - Translator

“Excellent training with a competent and extremely patient teacher. The fact that the group was small was great for trainees as we had time to ask questions as we went along.” 

Julia - Translator, Portugal

“John was very thorough and very friendly - managed to cover all the topics we requested and answered all our questions patiently.”

Helen - Translator, France

“John was an excellent trainer providing us with clear and concise explanations and even several "tid bits" on handy short-cuts to make our jobs easier. He was patient, friendly and generous with information. The small format helped a lot too!” 

Alisa - Translator, France

“Many thanks, John, the training session was excellent! We certainly covered a lot of ground, but I came away with a good understanding of Wordfast and its potential uses. It was also great to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest with other translators and I hope to see you all again on the intermediate level course.”

Monique - Translator, France

“Thanks John, the training was well organized and every step of the use of Wordfast clearly explained and tested. I appreciated the fact that you regularly made sure everybody had understood before going ahead with the explanations... It was nice to meet other translators and I too hope to be able to participate to the intermediate course.”

Anonymous, Training Evaluation - California

It was a great and very valuable course, I would very much like to take the Classic course. So, please contact me if this happens! I learned a lot, not only about the tool, but also about the translator way of thinking, ethics and workflow.  The venue was very good, clean, and easy to access. I am really amazed and satisfied. THANK YOU!”

Other Anonymous Feedback

2013-11-19 - John was an excellent trainer, and was able to satisfy the training needs and questions of the group as a whole and of individual attendees. He covered all the main aspects of the software and focused on practical application, which was very helpful. I appreciated his straightforward communication style; he offered explanations that were clear and to the point. I would absolutely attend a training held by John again. It would be great if Wordfast on-site training opportunities were available more often!

2013-03-10 - This has been fun, informative and very helpful. THANK YOU!

2013-03-10 - This is an excellent software training workshop. I had no previous experience with any translation software, but am finishing this seminar feeling extremely well-informed and prepared to use Wordfast Pro to accelerate my freelance business. John supplied us with a wealth of pre-training material beforehand online, so the information explained at the seminar was a great push forward. John's pace is calm and methodic, as well as detailed and issue-related to each NCTA's personal needs. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to begin using translating software for the first time.

2012-11-03 - John already got a big round of applause from all the attendees of his session. It was a small class, so we got to really work at our own pace. John is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The best investment I could have made during the ATA conference. Thank you!

2012-11-03 - I found the training to be very beneficial to increase my knowledge of Wordfast. I appreciate that John took time to address not only the expectations I had stated when I registered to attend the workshop but also the steps involved on setting up the workflow! His style is very friendly but at the same time very professional and approachable.

2012-10-30 - Ideal learning environment. small group, nice setting and each with our own computer. That was awesome. Thanks John!!

2012-10-30 - John is an excellent presenter and trainer that is able to adjust his presentation to the level of experience and needs of the participants. I highly recommend others considering buying WordFast to take the training.  

2012-10-02 - Great training. Met my expectations on all levels (content, site, duration, equipment and learning material). Trainer is very serious and thorough. Could absolutely not be replaced by online training. Very satisfied and happy to have found it and plan to follow next levels when it's time.

2012-04-18 - Great trainer. We would ask him to come back again.

2012-04-18 - It was a good start, although I think I would have learned many other things if the rest of the participants had at least a basic knowledge on how to use computers!!! But this is not a problem for John, he is excellent!!

2012-03-30 - I was trained by John DiRico and it was a very good training.

2012-03-05 - Excellent!

2012-03-05 - The trainer was very good and helpful, and the session was all the more productive. I have been a user of WF Classic for several years now and have got a license for the two versions, although I had never used Pro... Did a couple of days ago, though, and I was glad to be able to use it well after the training session. Thank you very much to John Di Rico and the Wordfast crew.

2012-03-05 - Excellent trainer! He was very helpful, kind and patient, and it shows he knows the software inside out. The file selection for the training session was very good too.

2012-01-26 - Very well organised. Have learnt a lot in little time, and have been able to put it into practice since attending the workshop. It was also a good opportunity to meet other translators.

2011-12-14 - Well, all I've got to say is: having taken the training sessions with John Di Rico made me decide to buy wordfast. It was very clear and covered as much as possible in only two days. Thanks a bunch!

2011-11-09 - His instructions were very clear and easy to follow. His answer to the questions were very thorough.

2011-11-09 - As a new user, I found the training session very well managed, energetic, clear and interactive. All questions and concerns were answered by the trainer. In addition to have introduced us to WordFast CAT, the trainer give us a global sense of being a translator. Definitely a good experience.

2011-05-05 - John Di Rico is a patient, thoughtful trainer. Though I understand the reasoning behind it, I think that in a webinar environment it may be too logistically difficult to have attendees go through the steps of using WF at the same time the trainer does. It's just too tricky to work through the software when you're trying to watch what the trainer is doing. This would work better at an in-person training session. Thanks.

2011-01-24 - I liked the training session and I found it very interesting. It gave me many clues and ideas of how to improve the use of my sotftware. There should be another training to go deeply into some of the features and tools of the program.

2011-01-24 - The training session was fantastic. John was a spectacular trainer and the location was also great!

2011-01-24 - I was very pleased with how the training course went. John was not only knowledgeable about the Wordfast, and an excellent instructor because the material was well organized and he was friendly and patient in dealing with diverse students. I highly recommend his class and wish the best in the rest of his mission.

2011-01-24 - John was extremely patient, and cheerfully walked us through the most elementary steps (something that was particularly helpful for beginners).

2011-01-24 - Thank you for the opportunity to attend this excellent training session... It was amazing what we learned about such a complex program with many task options in just one day. John was a very patient teacher and answered all questions as well as helped when there was a problem performing the task. It was a well organized and conducted training.

2011-01-24 - Well organized. Trainer knowledgeable, friendly and ready and able to attend to questions by participants. Training was relevant. Great to meet other colleagues in the field. Looking forward to an advance level training. Thanks John!

2011-01-24 - John Di Rico is a great trainer. He understands Wordfast backwards and forwards and, more importantly, he knows how to explain its ins and outs in a clear way, with patience and humor.

2010-12-15 - It was good.

2010-07-21 - John Di Rico provided a day's training using Wordfast which was more than sufficient in giving me the confidence to make more use of the software. His explanations were clear and concise, always accompanied by a practical example or exercise, and a lot of ground was covered in the time available. Thoroughly recommended!

2010-07-21 - An excellent course by an excellent trainer! Many thanks, John. Best wishes

2010-03-08 - The training was extremely helpful. With only 3 people in the class, we were able to get our individual questions answered. John was knowledgeable, personable, and efficient.

2010-03-08 - This training was very adequate and useful.

2010-01-18 - Fantastic training -- well organized, cheerful, personalized and painstaking!

2010-01-18 - I thought the training session was perfect. I had not used wordfast in the past at all, but learnt enough to be able to put it into practice straight away, and how to find out any further functions I might need. John is a really great trainer.

2009-11-10 - When you are alone with your own computer, especially when working on a translation and highly stressed there are always questions coming up. But John was very patient and tried to pay much attention to the different levels of the participants during the training.

2009-11-10 - John's training session was very useful and well managed.

2009-10-30 - John did an incredible job, and has the patience required to manage a class of people with very different stages of computer expertise and still make all of us satisfied (even those of us who might have preferred to zoom along faster). The introductory course taught me enough to put my mind at ease about whether or not Wordfast will be a good investment of my time and money, and enough that I'll be able to start to use it effectively.

2009-02-01 - I really enjoyed Mr. Di Rico’s workshop. He was very knowledgeable and patient! I found all the hands-on practice we had very valuable and the notes he gave us were clear and easy to follow. I refer to them all the time these days as I use more and more Wordfast. It is a wonderful tool and Mr. Di Rico help us build confidence and knowledge to tackle our translations. The material was extensive but he was very good and pinpointing those areas that are critical to any new-user. I thoroughly enjoy the workshop and learnt a lot! I would recommend it to anyone starting to use Wordfast.

2009-02-01 - This was a very good experience.

2008-11-16 - it was very interesting and easy to learn specially for me who had never worked with it. The instructor was very polite and knowledgable and willing to answer at any question. It is a pity it was so short.

2008-11-14 - Hello. Very proficient and excellent training.

2008-10-10 - Very good training session

2008-07-21 - A very good course... I enjoyed it and will certainly be using it. Bravo John.

2008-07-08 - Thank you for the course. It was interesting and Mr Di Rico gave a good and understandable course...

2008-04-29 - Interesting and quite complete training session of two full days, with some amazing discoveries, such as Intelliwebsearch... I recommend this training, in particular for people who already use Wordfast regularly and want to improve their practice. I want to congratulate all the Wordfast team for their clever and really user-friendly product. It's more than a product, it's a working companion. Thank you.

2008-02-27 - Hello--I was highly satisfied with the orientation & training in Wordfast here in South San Francisco, CA. John was knowledgeable, personable and very patient. I had no prior experience with the product so... I am pleased with this initial exposure.

2008-02-27 - The training session with John Di Rico was excellent. 

2008-02-27 - John Di Rico did a fantastic job in delivering the workshop. I particularly enjoyed how well he listened to the questions and tried to help the participants with specific questions... I would gladly recommend the training to others.

2008-02-27 - Great training, very competent and patient trainer. A small group was a plus.

2007-04-30 - Very helpful course and a wonderful atmosphere.

2007-02-26 - Very interesting training session... I will start working with Wordfast and ask John when I will need it.

2006-10-10 - Training session in Nice... John did an excellent job with his first group of “guinea pigs” and explained the basics of the tool clearly. Certainly inspired me to carry on exploring Wordfast!

2006-10-10 - Excellent trainer